Alternative tourism in Thassos .
There are many alternative , fun , sports that one can do in Thassos .
Hiking , Anarichisi , walks, four wheel drive vehicles in the mountains and many more.
Let's see the detail ...

roads to reach the top of the island , but they all take time and four-wheel drive vehicle . Starting from Skala Maries or Limenaria , the road passes from Maries , a small mountain village of 100 inhabitants located in a ravine . Stavros , 3 years old , is the only child who resides in Maries . As the saying Mama Ceres : "We expect to join the July, to come and the other children ." Lack of transport and low tourist traffic Maries make the perfect place for those seeking quiet mountain .

Just above the village , under the permanent shadow of a plane , is a family that sells for many years , own honey production . Thence begins the path that reaches the lake and " katarraktakia " as the locals say .

On the way to the top, you can also stop at the shelter . A hunter , who killed his son accidentally started to build in order to dedicate the Virgin. Although he died before finishing the work completed by the mountaineering club. Pines , firs , oaks , cedars and chestnut make green landscape that slowly stripped to the rocky summit , from where one can see a panoramic view over the island . There are also bases a radar wanted to put NATO , but shattered by Thasiotes .
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Ο καιρός στην Θάσο
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